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Bookmarking has become a trick used by the most savvy internet marketers who favor and use article marketing. It builds backlinks to your articles very quickly, which search engines like, but it also lets the world know you've written and published an article about your website, product offering or eBook and it does so in numerous places - something the general public likes.

When you publish an article offering your expertise with a link to your sales page or website you can, over time, develop a following and be seen as an expert in your field. What you don't have time for, once you've published your articles, is for the world to find you. You want to make a sale. You need traffic to your articles to make that sale, and that is where bookmarking comes in.

Bookmarking your articles requires that you show bookmarking sites - websites where authors can post article topics and links to their articles - a title, a little teaser about your article, keywords and often an authors biography. While you can sit in front of your computer and do this all day with the many bookmarking sites out there, manually putting in information for every article you publish, the fast and easy way to do this is with an automated bookmarking software package. These slick tools let you enter your article information in once and in an instant bookmarking sites are told where to find your words of wisdom, your latest tips or "how to" suggestions. No longer do you need to manually feed information into bookmarking sites, the software does it for you with the press of a button.

Since article marketing has become so popular there have been several companies that have come out with bookmarking software programs. Here is what you need to know before you invest in one, however, as all bookmarking programs are definitely not the same:

Are there any ongoing fees? Most bookmarking software programs have an upfront cost to download the program, but then they also charge you a monthly flat fee or a fee based on the number of times you use it. Stay away from the backend fees. It can get expensive fast.

Where does the software bookmark your articles? Some bookmarking sites are better than others, at least in the eyes of Google and other search engines. The lower quality sites are often discounted by search engines. You want your software to bookmark to only the highest quality bookmarking sites.

Does your software leave an untraceable footprint back to you? If you put up a few articles and suddenly flood the bookmarking sites with information you could get banned when they see the information coming from one author. Smart programs cloak your submissions so your information arrives anonymously.

Is the program you are considering truly automatic? You want software that gets around captcha boxes found on many bookmarking sites. You also want it to set up your account automatically so you do not have to spend hours doing this. "Automatic" really doesn't live up to its name if you have to tend to it constantly. You also don't want a program that is complicated to set up. If it is, you might as well have manually submitted all of your article information.

Good, automatic bookmarking programs are really promising and can dramatically boost your traffic. Keep in mind these simple guidelines when looking for a program and you'll enjoy fast traffic, easy marketing and increased sales.

Before we discuss further, let's see what you might be doing to rank your site:
  • Profile Links
  • Article Network
  • Bookmarking
  • Forum Link
  • Commenting
  • Web 2.0 Property
  • Web Template
  • Press Release
  • Software Directory
  • Web Directory

With all these backlinks, you can easily rank your website for any keywords you want. Social Bookmarking definitely be helpful to get the rank for the keyword. But be sure that you have choose the right keyword for your site. As keyword in the sense title as it is the thing that drive people to click on your link. And with the right title provide unique description that attract people to your site. So this way through unique description and related title you can get success using social bookmarking method.
The function of bookmarkwiz here is to get all of your backlinks indexed by search engine faster if you do it correctly sometimes your backlinks can get indexed in 24 hours. Be sure you bookmark your backlinks correctly here I share some tips to do it correctly

  1. Use some private proxy to have high successful rate,, etc. if you use public proxy you might have spend more times because public proxies run very slow and it has low successful rate
  2. Use fresh gmail address, sometimes when you use yahoo or other services it might have low successful rate
  3. Use captcha service such as to expedite your bookmarking process
  4. Use fast internet connection, if your internet very slow you might have slow bookmarking process and many failure

Automatic Account Creation - BookmarkWiz comes with 100% automation. Get used to the word "automatic" because it is the most important feature of this program. You can automatically create accounts on top 25 social bookmarking sites. You can enter specific login information for registration or the program can also generate random login details (username/password etc) automatically.

Automatic Activation - You do not have to manually verify email for each of your accounts. BookmarkWiz will login to your email account confirm your accounts automatically.

Automatic Submission - You do not have to sit behind the computer to enter captcha codes. BookmarkWiz will automatically submit your website's URL, tags and description to the Top 25 sites. However, if you have sites you prefer to use you can select those seperately.

Supports Unlimited Accounts - BookmarkWiz can randomly circle through available registered accounts for optimal bookmarking strategies.

Random Title & Description Creation For Each Site - BookmarkWiz supports spinnable titles and descriptions for more randomization like this: {Title1|Title2|Title3}, {Description1|Description2|Description3|Descriptio n4}. It means that it will randomly pick a different title & description for each bookmark site.

Supports Multiple Private and Public Proxies - BookmarkWiz will randomly pick proxies for each submission to stay COMPLETELY anonymous.

Supports Mass Import/Export - BookmarkWiz allows you to import and export all data.
Proxy Test Feature - Use this feature to check if proxies are working correctly.

Database Storage - BookmarkWiz stores all accounts, emails, submissions, etc. in a database file and you can load or save these project databases for use on other computers or backup.

Import & Export Email Accounts - BookmarkWiz enables you to import and export email accounts for email registration and confirmation.

Report Generation - BookmarkWiz will generate reports for successfully posted links. It also has an export option for all successful posted URL's to a .csv file. This means you can see exactly where your URL is posted at any given time.

Fast Submission - BookmarkWiz is multi-threaded allowing for significant speed in the submission process.

Extract Information - BookmarkWiz can automatically extract your target website's meta keywords, title and description so you dont even have to enter them manually before submission.

Solves Captcha Codes - This incredible application solves captcha code issues with

User Friendly - has a very user-friendly interface.

Stay Anonymous - BookmarkWiz uses random user-agents to stay anonymous.

Ping Your URL's - BookmarkWiz offers an option to blog-ping all successfully posted URL's to all pinging services you want. Newly created links will be indexed by search engines within hours!

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